Perfomed by Ana Holly, Jassmine Presson, Melissa Mickens, Kiyoko Takeda, Rachel Nahrwold, Anna Delinois, and Kathy Hazzard.


Sung by Anna Delinois and Melissa Mickens (as Sasha and Malia), with Deirdre King as Obama, and chorus: Ana Holly, Jassmine Presson, Rachel Nahrwold, Shacottha Fields, Jassmine Norton, Kathy Hazzard and Kiyoko Takeda.

Global Water Dances at Gantry Plaza State Park, 2016 - Dance by Vincent Yong as Bird,  music is Birdwing by Riley Lee.  Eli Marcos-Furones as Garbage,  music is Strike by Epic Taiko Ensemble.  Nancy Zendora as Night, music is Till the End of Time, by Stephan Micus.